About the gameEdit

Angels Without Wings it's a 2D Role Playing Game, that centers around the land called Greentera where we meet our Main Protagonist, Rukito Nokuwa, Along with his little sister, Shizuka Nokuwa, who live together in a small town called Leonia. One day in school he meets a new student named, Jinn Dalton, who is from Tokiri Islands. As they leave school little do they know they were about to encounter something that would change their lives. The two boys journey into the forest, and split up to investigate the strange event that has happen. They soon discover two strange girls in the middle of some crash site, what secrets these girls behold? What may lead them on the journey they will soon embark on? Join us on this Adventure known as  Angel Without Wings!

Characters ( They all contain spoilers about the story)Edit

  • Shizuka
  • Kasai
  • Jinn
  • Yosuke
  • Yumi
  • Misaki
  • Daku

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